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How It Works

How the AngelGuard System works:


  1. Just press the help alert button to activate the system. 

You wear (or keep handy) a small, light-weight, waterproof button. AngelGuard works indoors and out - in the yard, in the garage or basement, even at a neighbor's home or apartment. For your privacy, we do not hear anything until you press the button.


  1. The base communicator automatically dials the Emergency Response Center.

A reassuring voice immediately responds, asking if you need help. You simply respond wherever you are, explaining your difficulty. Our powerful system works as far as 300 feet - about the length of a football field. If you cannot respond, we activate an emergency response and send help to you immediately.


  1. The Emergency Response Center goes into action. 

When our caring professionals hear your signal they immediately:


Display your personal profile

this tells your name, address, phone number, directions to your location, doctor and a medical history - including special conditions, medications or allergies.

Display your response procedure

Dispatch emergency services

Notify your emergency responder

family, friend or neighbor.

Automatically send the fire department 

without you being at home when the fire starts.

Sound a loud alarm or silently summon police 

if someone is trying to break into your home or apartment.



Our professionals stay in contact with you until help arrives.

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